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Doesn*t tend to peel like paint or solid stain. No matter what finish you*re applying, it*s important to thoroughly clean the deck with a product like Flood .

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Why Acrylic Coatings Are the Best Options for Decks. April 2015. If your outdoor deck is looking tired, it may be high time to give it a ※pick me up§ in the form .

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Thinking of painting a wood deck? Angie Hicks explains why deck builders recommend deck staining instead of painting a deck, and provides wood staining tips.

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Looking for a fresh start on your old wood surface before applying a new coat of stain? Learn how Olympic Stain Stripper removes old coatings, stains and .

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No matter how you slice it, wooden decks require regular maintenance to keep them looking good. Weather and sun exposure wreak havoc on the wood, and improperly .

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Should you stain or paint or seal your deck? All will protect your decking, thus saving you tons of cash.

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When it comes to your home's deck, a little neglect goes a long way. If the stain on your deck is fading or worn, you may be debating whether to stain it .

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When it comes to the question of whether you should paint or stain your wood deck the answer almost always comes down to a matter of choice and preference.